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CrowdStrike's Adversary Quest CTF#

CrowdStrike's Adversary Quest CTF ran from January 18th to January 28th and featured a variety of challenges, from OSINT to binary exploitation. The CTF covered three adversaries, each with 4 challenges. I'll cover the five challenges I managed to solve in this writeup. The source to this write up, including scripts, is on my github.

The adversaries are:


Space Jackal logo

Not to be confused with spaceflight enthusiasts, SPACE JACKAL have very strict opinions on source code indentation. Brought together by their unbounded hate for ASCII character 9, they will not rest until the last tab stop has been eradicated from the face of the Internet.


Protective Penguin logo

An Antarctica-based APT with a counterintelligence mission. Born out of the necessity to protect their Antarctic colonies from discovery, sentient wildlife has acquired the technology and skill set that allows PROTECTIVE PENGUIN to target research institutes, cruise lines and satellite imagery providers.


Catapult Spider logo

Rabid fans of the memetacular Doge and the associated crypto currency, CATAPULT SPIDER are trying to turn their obsession into a profit. Watch out for your cat pictures, lest CATAPULT SPIDER intrude your networks and extort them for Dogecoin.