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This is an OSINT challenge: find the flag in the publically-available information CATAPULT SPIDER has left online.

Challenge description#

Much Sad

We have received some information that CATAPULT SPIDER has encrypted a client's cat pictures and successfully extorted them for a ransom of 1337 Dogecoin. The client has provided the ransom note, is there any way for you to gather more information about the adversary's online presence?

NOTE: Flags will be easily identifiable by following the format CS{some_secret_flag_text}. They must be submitted in full, including the CS{ and } parts.


We're given a file to download muchsad.txt:

muchsad.txt file

Two things jump out: a Dogecoin wallet address: DKaHBkfEJKef6r3L1SmouZZcxgkDPPgAoE and an email address Plugging shibegoodboi into Google yields a few promising hits: a Twitter account and a Reddit profile

Visiting the Twitter page a link to a GitHub repository

shibegoodboi twitter

In shibefan's repositories is one for We can either browse through the repository and view the index.html of the page, or just visit

Much Sad. Shibe Good Boi

And there's the flag: CS{shibe_good_boi_doge_to_the_moon}